CARMAweb SOAP interface

Some features of CARMAweb are available through a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) interface.
The SOAP interface allows other applications to perform data preprocessing and analysis steps on the CARMAweb server using BioConductor packages and functions.
Using the SOAP interface
To use the SOAP interface for CARMAweb the jar files from apache Axis ( are needed as well as the libraries from javamail ( and the java activation framework (
The SOAP client (for java) can be downloaded here, the API is available here.
Alternatively to the provided client own clients can be build (using the wsdl2java tool from apache axis). The wsdl (web service definition language) for CARMAwebs SOAP interface is accessible here:
Using the CARMAweb SOAP client
The client jar contains two classes AxisClient and SSLAxisClient. As the current SOAP interface can only be accessed through ssl the SSLAxisClient should be used. To configure the client edit the .properties file in the jar (e.g. to set up a http proxy).
To establish a connection to the service just create a instance of the SSLAxisClient by calling SSLAxisClient client = SSLAxisClient.getInstance();. All commands can then be called on this client.
If you encounter problems please contact me via email: