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Information: New microarray analysis can be started by clicking on the New Analysis link in the button bar, previously started analysis are listed in the navigation tree in the left side of the page. Data files can be uploaded to the web application from the CARMAweb Data directory (link in the navigation tree).
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Below a list of test datasets are listed that can be used to evaluate and test the web application.
Test datasets
To evaluate the facilities of the web application different test files are available. The available testfiles are listed below.
Affymetrix GeneChip test files
T-ALL-2-0h.CELT-ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) patient, sample taken before treatment.
T-ALL-2-8h.CELT-ALL patient 2, treated for 8 hours with GC (glucocorticoids).
T-ALL-20-0h.CELT-ALL patient 20 before treatment.
T-ALL-20-20h.CELT-ALL patient 20 after 8 hours GC treatment
T-ALL-25-0h.CELT-ALL patient 25 before treatment.
T-ALL-25-6h.CELT-ALL patient 25 after 6 hours GC treatment.
Two color microarray test files
The two color microarrays were scanned with a Axon scanner using the GenePix software. The corresponding GAL (gene array list) file is Batch08_modUG.gal.
No026004.gprRNA from a GC sensitive T-ALL cell line (CEM-C7H2) after 6 hours GC treatment (red signal channel) and RNA from the same cell line without treatment (green signal channel).
No026005.gprThe same RNA was hybridized as on array No026004.gpr, but the RNA was labeled using nucleotid labeling, not using the cy-scribe direct labeling protocol.
GO analysis test file
The test file GOanalysis.txt can be used to perform a GO analysis. The column containing the LocusLink (Gene) identifiers is called LocusLink. The Affymetrix GeneChip hgu133plus2 was used to perform the analysis.
ABI microarray testfile
The ABI (Applied Biosystems) microarray test file ABIdata-mod2.txt contains the expression values of 6 ABI microarrays.